For many years my wife and I rented a tiny cottage out in the woods in New Jersey – and yes, New Jersey has lots of woods and countryside if you know where to look, and even if you’re not looking particularly hard for it. Recently we’ve moved into a very old and somewhat shambly house in one of the state’s Colonial-era small towns, and so a new circumstance calls for a renewed commitment to occasional writing.

The blog, now rejuvenated, will likely continue my interests in nature writing, poetry, writing in general, secularism, Buddhism, and education. Who knows, though. I would prefer to keep this block reserved for longer, more thoughtful pieces, and use my other blog at eldonaldo.com for my briefer, snarkier opinions on politics and culture. It does get hard at times to keep the two apart.

Anyway, you can reach me at donaldwdow at gmail.com or find me @el_donaldo on Twitter.