Sarkozy endorses headscarf ban.

Bad. Bad. Bad. Fuller discussion to come, but all-in-all, this is bad news and poor policy on several fronts. It’s no surprise, given the increasing paranoia in Europe over the presence of Muslims and France’s rightward drift, but it’s still a disappointment that the country that produced the “Rights of Man” is now just another one bent on chipping away at them.



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2 responses to “Sarkozy endorses headscarf ban.

  1. tbudd

    Yeah. I’m not with you.
    I identify as a woman more than a civil libertarian. And honestly, womanhood is more a civil, human right than religious freedom.

    First, let’s face it. The headscarf is bullshit. The veil is even more vile bullshit. Some female has been enculturated to believe that if she doesn’t cover her hairline, she deserves to be raped because some desert-mythology says men are animals?

    Headscarf, ok. Be free to be stupid.
    Veil, burqa or niqab. No. Your religion does not exempt you from the secular laws that disallow masks or hidden-identity in public. And nothing in the Koran says women have to cover their faces.

    I know. This is harsh. But so is unapologetic feminism. The “Rights of Man” says it all. Women weren’t even part of the question. Anything that might set the course right is welcome.


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