I find this sort of thing enormously encouraging.

The resilience in forcing the subject of an incremental progressive change and the adept use of social media in ensuring that the message is clearly and consistently in view throughout the media coverage are both laudable.

Manal al-Sherif has been arrested, released, and then re-arrested for attempting to drive as a woman in Saudi Arabia. Her driving and the resulting arrest come in the context of a very successful Facebook page and accompanying video on YouTube (image above) making the case for allowing women the right to drive and asking women to make the attempt jointly on June 17th. The Facebook page has not only encouraged supporters but also a large, vociferous backlash against the effort, making al-Sherif’s efforts double courageous.

Interesting enough from an American perspective, there are no actual laws against women driving in Saudi Arabia. Instead the act is forbidden by religious fatwa that is nonetheless enforced by the civil authorities. Al-Sherif has apparently been sentenced to five days in jail on multiple charges.


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